JetStream specializes in private jet charters, charter flights for executives, corporations, tour operators, cruise lines and sports teams.
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Private air charter provides you with the efficiency, privacy and flexibility of departing when you want and in most cases traveling non-stop to your destination. In todays world of tight security, private air charter will minimize your time in the air and maximize your time at your destination.

Aircraft Suppliers
JetStream carefully audits all charter operators to ensure that they meet our stringent requirements and strive to provide the level of service exceeding your expectations. While charter operators will steer you towards aircraft in their own fleet, JetStream is not limited to one type of aircraft and will guide you to the correct aircraft for your trip.

Trip Details
JetStream will take care of the trip planning details for you. We will review all facets of the trip, obtaining copies of FAA flight certificates, review insurance, literature about the aircraft to be used, as well as backup aircraft available. We will manage flight manifests, flight planning and flight check-ins.

In summary, your interests are our interests. We will review your needs, preferences and travel demands. You will fly where you want, when you want, in the plane you want, and with extra amenities you choose yourself. Time is money and every wasted moment is a lost opportunity. With access to a worldwide fleet of aircraft, JetStream International will put you in control of your schedule.

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